Terms & Conditions
Important Note: We request all users to read these Terms & Conditions carefully and develop an understanding before using the services of Xpert Flights.
The terms and conditions mentioned on this page apply to all the services (travel and travel-related) offered on and by the Xpert Flights website. It also covers the services and offers presented by our agents, employees, associates, affiliated companies, independent contractors, or subcontractors who are associated with us or represent us for business. here on, all these parties including Xpert Flights will be referred to as “Xpert Flights”, “we,” or “us”. We confirm that Xpert Flights is a company incorporated in the state of Wyoming. and our website address is www.xpertflights.com and phone number is +1-888-229-7144.
When we mention our services, it comprises all our travel or travel-related offerings including Travel preparation and advice, charter or other air transportation, boarding on cruises, charters, riverboats, yachts, or other watercraft, transportation on land, concierge services, hotel rooms, resorts, camps, or other accommodation, tours, car rentals, leisure or adventure pursuits, equipment rentals, expeditions, and any other travel-related services or goods provided, offered, suggested or sold by Xpert Flights.
We have used certain terms in the Terms & Conditions which must be read and conceived as explained here.
  • Trip- used for describing any service or service package that we offer on our website.
  • Supplier or Vendor- the source provider of the services that we sell on our website.
  • Itinerary- the detailed schedule of any trip. This is a customized service for all.
We shall use the terms “Traveler’, “you’ and “your”, which refer to ‘any party interested in making a purchase of our services, for themselves or/ and for others’ or ‘purchases the same services for themselves or/ and others’.
Note: All trips booked and sold through our website are also subject to the Terms & Conditions of the supplier of the Trip and specific travel-related services. You must read and adhere to the Terms and Conditions on the Supplier’s website at all times. In case of any conflict between the Terms & Conditions of Xpert Flights and the Supplier, we shall take full responsibility to manage the issue and handle liability
We direct/instruct/ request all our users to read and understand the Terms & Conditions carefully to develop a complete understanding. We are always open to questions and answer them until satisfaction is achieved. When travelers try to purchase on our website, we ensure your acknowledgment of the Terms & Conditions after you check the ‘I agree’ box. It is also believed that the person making the purchase acknowledges the Terms & Conditions on behalf of the entire group.
No order/ purchase will be completed without the confirmation and hence you agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions once you complete a purchase transaction.
Residents of the United States who are physically present in the United States, its territories, possessions, and protectorates and who hold all necessary power and authority to engage in and perform the duties under these Terms and Conditions are eligible to acquire the Services provided by Xpert Flights. An Xpert Flights Trip can only be purchased by adults over the age of 18.
Changes in the Terms & Conditions
Xpert Flights holds all the right to modify, delete or add any information to the Terms & Conditions at any time and date, without informing the users. We make clear that any such changes would not apply to the bookings made before the changes. It is hence advised to read the terms & conditions every time before you make a booking with us. There is a high chance that the terms & conditions might have changed from the last time you purchased from us.
Xpert Flights has a strict payment policy and defaulters are handled by a third-party collection agency. If you have unpaid balances or fail to pay your dues in full, you will be penalized and any additional cost incurred in collecting the dues from you will be added to your total outstanding amount. This may or may not include the cost of the collection agency or any fees paid to the attorney during the collection efforts.
To ensure the smooth functioning of Xpert Flights & third-party collection agency, as and when required, you authorize them to (i) Connect with you over a call on telephone numbers I have provided including mobile phone calls, (ii) send you email or messages over a telephone network or the Internet using the contact number and email address you have provided. The team from Xpert Flights can reach you using pre-recorded/artificial voice messages and/or the use of an automatic dialing device, as applicable.
We accept payments by:
  • International credit cards including Discover, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.
  • Wire transfer
  • Direct Cash deposit to the bank
Prices are subject to change and they are contractual tariffs for a particular trip. Once booked, a request for a price change will not be entertained. If not listed in the offer or booking information, the below-mentioned particulars are not a part of the advertised prices:
  • Personal service and items including laundry and incidentals
  • Charges for extra baggage
  • Port or airport charges
  • Taxes paid to a foreign government for entry or departures
  • Inspection, customs, immigration, and naturalization fees
  • Cost associated with Visa and passport processing
  • Travel insurance covering health requirements, accidents, cancellations of trips, or lost luggage.
  • Parking charges, tips, and other wilful payments
  • Any other expenses that aren’t explicitly advertised in the sales copy of the travel service.
  • Cancellations and Alterations Policies
Different Cancellations and alterations policies apply on different Trips/ services sold. An email is delivered to the purchaser with all the policies in writing. The purchaser can anytime connect with a company representative to get a better understanding of these policies.
Guarantee for the best price
If you want to take benefit of the Best Price Guarantee claim, you must write an email to us within 24 hours of the purchase with details including the name of the competitor, price offered, services offered, and a screenshot of the offer. If the purchaser can locate the same flight at a cheaper price within the first 24 hours of buying a trip from us, we shall pay a refund of the difference amount between the two. By the same flight, we mean that there is no change in the destination, number of people, date, time, routes, flight carrier, flight numbers, number of stops, and dates and times of outbound and inbound journeys.
Alterations after the purchase
Any changes after the purchase shall not be entertained and are restricted. Even when permissible, they are subject to the airline fare rules exclusively. In case of a time and date change request, the needful can be done only when there is the availability of the flight tickets for the new arrangement and the purchaser agrees to pay a price change fee per person along with the difference between the existing and new price. Corresponding to the confirmation document is imperative to confirm your reservation. Any delay in response can delay the confirmation which may affect the price quoted.
The event of cancellation and alteration incurs costs that are billed to the supplier with added administration fee from our end. If you cancel the flight, you will get a refund after the discussion of the said costs. Similarly, in case of alteration, you will be charged with these costs.
The reason for canceling/ altering the booking is not a valid base to negotiate the deductions. You must pay the whole amount to owe to Xpert Flights. We do not entertain any refund request when you fail to utilize any service offered to you, have to shorten or cancel your stay, or both.
Alterations are generally considered cancellations followed by a fresh booking. This makes alterations subject to cancellation charges which are intimated to you while making any alterations to your booking.
Issuing travel documents
We shall process the travel documents or tickets to you by different means depending upon the time frame between the booking date and the travel date or date for any other type of service. It is important that the traveler offers authentic and correct information to ensure no gaps in the communication. If you have to face any trouble because of non-receipt of documents, Xpert Flights does not take responsibility. Moreover, the documents will be sent to the person making the purchase and agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, and not the entire group. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to communicate with the other members of the traveling group.
It is a personal recommendation to travelers from Xpert Flights to purchase insurance coverage against travel, cancellation, lost luggage, medical emergency, and more before going on a trip. We offer referrals to insurance companies but do not take any responsibility for the traveler’s understanding of the limitation or coverage of the insurance they purchase. It is solely the responsibility of the traveler to get a full understanding of the limitations and coverage under the policy before entering into the buying agreement with the insurance provider. If required, you must buy an additional insurance for better coverage. we recommend buying insurance after thorough research and evaluation to prevent uninsured losses.
Passports, Visas, Health Requirements, and Travel Risks
The traveler is responsible to fulfill all the passport, visa, and health-related requirements of any traveler. You must have a valid passport to travel to any destination outside the USA that we feature on our website. A valid passport, visa documents, permits, vaccination certificates, health-related certificates, and other documents are essential requirements for safe and legal travel.
Visiting any country including India requires a passport with validity until at least six (6) months beyond the scheduled end of your Itinerary. You must also get a Visa to travel to India and other countries. If you do not have a Visa upon arrival in the other country. India, you may be imprisoned till the time the next flight is available to fly you back home.
Some countries also ask for a return ticket booking along with some funds in your savings as a guarantee of your safe travel.
The traveler must check and adhere to all applicable formalities of the travel. Cross-check the surnames and forenames used for all passengers when buying a ticket and ensure their similarities with the details mentioned in the supporting documents.
The traveler must check and adhere to all applicable formalities of the travel. Cross-check the surnames and forenames used for all passengers when buying a ticket and ensure their similarities with the details mentioned in the supporting documents.
Travelers traveling to India must be very observant of the travel requirements, The country often makes changes to the requirements with little or no advance notice. The changes made are poorly advertised or inconsistently enforced, putting the traveler at risk of miscommunication. You must regularly check the website of the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C. (https://www.indianembassy.org/) when making the travel booking for India and ensure you adhere to the current requirements. It is also advised to check the requirements before departure as there might be changes that you must adhere to.
For immunization, different countries have unique rules and regulations. To gather the most realistic requirements for a particular country, you must connect with your local health department and consulate. You hereby own all the responsibility to and release Xpert Flights from the onus, to check, monitor and verify the immunization requirements and your eligibility for travel to each destination. You further accept to fulfill the safety and security requirements of different destinations and regions as and when traveling for the due period or any intentional or unintentional extension of the travel period.
To collect information about conditions abroad that may affect travel safety and security, go to//travel.state.gov/travel/travel_1744.html, or contact the State Department by phone at (202) 647-5335.
It is the traveler’s responsibility to maintain the right set of documents, and vaccination record, and meet travel requirements and important guidelines related to medications required, Xpert Flights does not hold any responsibility or/ and hereby relieves itself from the duty to check the travelers for any illness, delays, compensation, claims or losses incurred from the travel’s inability to meeting the requirements.
Xpert Flights hereby put it to your notice that we cannot take any responsibility if the traveler is denied entry or passage to a flight, cruise, hotel, or country because you failed to carry or provide the required documents when asked. If we are charged any fees, fines, penalties, or financial claims because of this reason, the traveler remains responsible to reimburse and indemnify us accordingly.
While we assume safely to travel to the majority of destinations included in our services, any risk imposed on you during travel to a destination is your own risk. We take no responsibility for your safety and security during the travel and commit to offering information about ensuring safe travel to any destination that we advertise or sell on our website.
Domestic travel
For domestic travel purposes, the traveler must hold a valid government photo I.D. at all times including booking and boarding the flight. In the case of minors, the photo ID is not a mandatory document. However, for children less than 2 years of age, a valid birth certificate is considered valid proof of identification.
International Travel:
A valid government-issued identification along with a valid passport is the prerequisite for ethical travel. The travelers must possess necessary documents, Visas, Transit visas, Schengen Visas, and any or all entry permits as required by the international destinations.
The Passport must have a validity exceeding 6 months from your date of return from the foreign destination. While we may offer certain help in passport and Visa matter, the traveler takes the sole responsibility to ensure they have valid documents including passports and visas to travel back and forth to an international destination. You must have a round trip or return ticket for traveling to certain international cities. If you are traveling one way, make sure you are aware of the rules and regulations and confirm the same with the airline or Consulate-General to prevent any issues at the time of boarding.
Accommodations (Hotels) & Car Rentals –
The term ‘accommodations’ here refer to any living arrangement that is made in a dwelling or living quarters of similar nature including but not limited to hotels, quarters in ships and charters, campgrounds, motels, and resorts. We source the accommodation services through third-party vendors and claim no interest in the management or ownership of such arrangements. We take no responsibility for the performance, amenities, or facilities of such locations. All issues, complaints, and queries about accommodations must be directed to the third-party supplier, vendor, or entity.
The prices claimed for the accommodations are calculated on double occupancy basis. The initial fee deposit varies from one accommodation to another. Some accommodations would charge a single supplement fee the details of which can be procured from us.
For Hotel & Car rental bookings
To claim the hotel & car bookings, the person must present a valid photo ID along with a credit card. The credit card ensures payment safety and is also used to cover any additional charges incurred during your stay at the hotel including but not limited to mandatory charges, optional charges, incidental charges, and more. Before using the car rental, the renter must sign the rental agreement and present their credit card. The credit card must be under the name of the renter and not someone else.
To provide any notice, mandatory or asked for, the traveler must direct an email to [email protected]
Local Customs and Laws
It is understood that travelers must be traveling to countries or destinations that have different cultures, customs, laws, and regulations. It is assumed that travelers are accustomed to these changes. It is the traveler’s responsibility to prepare for such changes and manage local customs and shortages, notions of weather, travel, and mankind in general, and also the unexpected. Hereby, the traveler takes the sole responsibility to deal with such uncertainties, risks, and unawareness of the customs and laws and does not hold Xpert Flights responsible for any problems associated with the change in above mentioned conditions.
It is expected for the traveler to understand and adhere to the local laws and regulations of the countries they visit on their Trip. We shall not be liable or responsible for any problems, costs, damages, losses, or expenses incurred from the traveler’s failure to obey the local laws and customs of the destination they are traveling to.
Legal Compliance and Proper Conduct
We assume that the traveler has a complete understanding of maintaining Legal Compliance and Proper Conduct during, after, and before the travel and while interacting with us. If disciplined by any civil or criminal authorities, or charter operator, or deemed unfit or penalized by Xpert Flights for being a risk to safety or others including other Travelers or Service providers, their employees, or independent contractors, the traveler is declared unfit to travel on morality grounds.
Marketing Materials
We are committed to maintaining transparency in our operations and use the best quality and realistic pictures and illustrations to offer related representations of the services we sell on our website. However, please take note that the pictures, illustrations, or other visual items that we use are solely for illustrations and may differ from the real property, service, or feature. Our purpose is to offer a glimpse of the standard of service to expect for the service we have sold, or facilitated for you. We hereby made clear that the illustrations do not guarantee the conditions of the hotels, flights, or any other service that we sell in reality.
We perform extensive research and collect a wide range of data to market the services and offerings we present on our website, the information we collect for this purpose is procured from different sources including the establishment’s publications, other travel guides, online sources, and more. This information is incorporated in our newsletters, brochures, and the description section for Accommodations, excursions, restaurants, bars/clubs, etc. We hereby made clear that the above-said information might be outdated, inaccurate, or unverified. It is recommended to the traveler to not consider this information as a recommendation and take charge of their investigation or accurate details and information of businesses/ parties and others you encounter or will encounter during your travel.
We perform marketing through various channels and would time and again use photographs, information, and visuals of other kinds from our travelers for different marketing objectives. By reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions, you give your consent to relieving Xpert Flights from any claims for charges against the use of such information, pictures, or other visuals for promotion and marketing purposes.
Limitation of Liability
Even if Xpert Flights has been informed of the possibility or likelihood of damages or losses, encompassing consequential, indirect, exorbitant, special, incidental, or punitive losses or damages of any kind, which further include without limitation damages for any loss of opportunity or other monetary loss, Xpert Flights shall not be liable for them. Regardless of whether such liability is based on a contract, tort, negligence, or other legal theory. The total amounts paid by the traveler to Xpert Flights under this agreement shall in no event be the maximum amount of Xpert Flights’ total aggregate liability to the traveler for claims arising under this agreement.
Xpert Flights represent a mere agent for all service providers and lodging establishments that are featured in our advertisements and/or that we sell. Xpert Flights does not retain any ownership interest in, management of, or control over any of the providers of services and accommodations that are advertised and/or sold by Xpert Flights. We take the benefit of the leverage permitted by the Law and exclude ourselves from any liability about Injury, Damage, Death, Loss, Accident, or Delay Due to An Act or Omission Of Any Third Parties (Including Third Party Vendors), Governmental Authority. We also choose to act unaccountable and attribute the ownership of negligent and reckless acts to you, even after being informed that the said damages are expected or probable.
Disclaimer of Warranties
Xpert Flights provides all goods and services on an "as is," "as available" basis unless otherwise specified. We do our best to abide by applicable law and disclaim any express or implied representations and warranties, including but not limited to suitability for a particular purpose, title, uninterrupted service; any warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage for all goods and services sold. Depending on your jurisdiction, the exclusion of implied warranties might not be allowed; if that's the case then the exclusions may not apply.
Indemnification and Release -
Traveler hereby releases Xpert Flights from any and all loss, expense, damages, claims, or liabilities that may arise out of their participation in a Trip, regardless of who is at fault; be it Traveler’s own negligent, intentional or reckless conduct, a Service Provider, an Accommodations provider or another third party.
Traveler agrees to take responsibility and absolve Xpert Flights from any damages, losses, claims, liabilities, deficiencies, costs, fees (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), or expenses that result from their participation in a Trip or their performance of this Agreement.
Force Majeure –
Xpert Flights hereby makes it clear that for reasons vested in ‘Force Majeure’ during a particular time, if we fail to perform any of the obligations mentioned in this agreement, we shall not be held accountable by the traveler. Here, from Force Majeure, we identify events that are out of our control, including but not limited to Severe weather conditions, fires, floods, landslides, earthquakes, wars, labor disputes, strikes, the spread of disease and epidemics according to WHO and CDC advisories/alerts; orders issued by local, provincial or federal governing bodies; power outages; terrorism or any other dangers that are beyond the control of Xpert Flights or which it deems to be a threat to travelers’ safety and wellbeing. We hold all the rights to cancel, alter or reject any or all the services described in a Trip due to Force Majeure.
Common conditions governing air transport
Xpert Flights has limited ability and power to take responsibility for the condition of the airline’s carriage or the type of carriage that the airline would use to offer you the services you booked through our website. The actual carriage of the airline may be different than what we presented in our electronic brochure and advertisements. We cannot specify the carriage or aircraft that the airline will choose to offer you the service you bought at Xpert Flights.
For canceled flights, seats, or any change in flight schedule, a traveler must bot half Xpert Flights responsible. The airline has all the rights to tweak, adjust, and change the flight times which can lead to a change in the itinerary that is not covered under the contractual agreement. The traveler does not have the right to cancel the contract without penalty influenced by the change of airline, aircraft type, or destination. In cases where the airline has to cancel a flight, it is the traveler’s responsibility to communicate and manage with the airline to make arrangements to reach the destination in time or ahead of the schedule. Any missed trips, or services due to missed, canceled, or delayed flights, or other flight irregularities including, without limitation, denied boarding must not be taken as a ground to claim a refund for missed Trips or other services.
Non-stop, or direct, flights may involve one or more stopovers (the flight number remains the same). Connecting flights could include a crew change as well. When you book a scheduled or charter flight that stops in a city, and the second leg of your journey departs from a different airport than the arrival airport, make sure you allow enough time to get to the second airport. You will be responsible for covering any expenses incurred in reaching the other airport; Xpert Flights cannot reimburse these costs or take responsibility if you miss your next flight.
Xpert Flights won't be held responsible in case of timetable changes, delays, cancelations, etc. imposed by force majeure (strikes, labor disputes, wars, earthquakes, epidemics, etc.) or if the customer is refused to board after they've arrived at the airport due to failing to meet administrative or health requirements or failing to check-in.
Problems related to the issuance of e-tickets Starting from June 1st, 2008, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has implemented new regulations involving the issuing of airline tickets. To date, Travel agencies and airlines are obligated to exclusively issue tickets electronically (e.g. e-tickets).
Because of certain airline regulations (such as infants under 2, inter-airline agreements, and groups) that pose technical difficulties, it may not be possible to issue an electronic ticket. It is possible that the flight you wish to book is available, but we may not be able to honor your reservation due to circumstances out of our control. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and want to make it clear that we are not at fault or liable in these cases.
If issuing you an e-ticket is not possible, we'll reach out to you to offer an alternate route solution. This might involve an amended fare rate and/or any additional fees that will be your responsibility. If no other option exists, if you reject the new tariff, or if tickets can't be issued, we'll have to cancel your booking at no charge to you. We'll provide you with a full reimbursement within 30 days after confirming that no alternative solutions are available.
Failure to check-in
If you fail to show up for the initial flight (be it an airline's scheduled or a charter flight), the return flight will be canceled automatically by the airline. We strongly suggest you contact us on the day of departure to ask us to keep your return flight open; however, this is solely up to the airline's discretion.
No refund will be given if you fail to complete or shorten your journey or do not take advantage of the service. If you have taken up insurance coverage, or specific insurance for interrupted stays, you must follow the procedures of cancelation stated in your insurance policy. Flight Connections
If the flight connecting you to the inbound or outbound flight gets canceled due to any reason, the airline is obligated to provide you with means of transport. The airline, however, can choose any mode or means of transport for the purpose including bus/ coach or train.
If you are taking the responsibility for your connecting transport for the services sold on our website, Xpert Flights recommend you book refundable or flexible tickets to avoid any undue expenses or financial losses. We also advise the traveler to avoid making any appointments of critical nature on the day of your return to avoid discrepancies or loss of interest on a later date.
Xpert Flights shall not be responsible for any delays or consequences related to connecting flights. This includes delays, cancellations, and other reasons.
The return
When you book a return ticket, you are obligated to confirm the status of the flight, scheduled or character, at least 72 hours before the time and date of the flight. For travelers with packaged trips, the responsibility lies with the agent or local representative. It is our responsibility towards the traveler to highlight the fact that if you fail to confirm your tickets, the airline holds all the rights to reallocate your tickets to someone else without prior intimation or confirmation from you. This procedure is also a chance for you to confirm the date/ time of your tickets and flights to avoid any delay, cancellation, or chances of missing the flight. You can also get updated information about the flight timings in case it gets rescheduled or canceled due to any unavoidable reasons. The travel showing any negligence in due diligence is not a problem of Xpert Flights and hence shall not be held responsible.
Xpert Flights does not hold any liability toward the safety of your luggage. Any loss or damage to the luggage during the Trip or in transit to and from the Trip is not covered under the responsibilities of the company. The airline is the responsible party to communicate/complain or reach out to in case any loss/ damage happens during transit or travel. You can demand the due compensation contemplated in the international conventions and relevant statutes.
If you do not receive your luggage in time, it gets lost or damaged during the transit or travel, or there is no communication on your luggage, you can always reach out to the authorities and declare the situation/ loss/ damage of your personal effects before leaving the airport. When submitting the declaration, you must attach some documents including an original copy of the travel ticket, the baggage check-in slip, and the declaration. It is recommended that the traveler takes out insurance coverage for the value of the personal items in the luggage to avoid untoward financial losses.
Fee charges for additional and oversized baggage
Every airline has a set policy regarding the luggage weight and size which the traveler is obligated to follow. It is recommended that the traveler check the policy beforehand and avoid making any exemptions or be prepared to pay the extra fees associated with the extra weight and size of the luggage. You must check if the excess weight you are carrying is permitted by the airline and also the charges against it to make safe and smooth travel through the airline.
Babies and Infants
For babies up to 2 years, no seats are allotted and the price of the ticket is 10% of the original price, in most cases. You may also get a reduction on tickets for children aged between 2 and 11 years on with certain airlines however this does not apply on Charter flights.
It is recommended to check with the airline for their policy regarding pregnant women traveling on the flight. Different airlines have their policy regarding pregnant women boarding a flight which may or may not include travel restrictions on the said flight for anywhere around 7-30 days before the due date. The traveler is responsible to check the booking and pregnancy-related guidelines. If you fail to do so, Xpert Flights shall; not be responsible for any cancellation, denied boarding, or any other shortfall from you boarding the flight.
Representations and Warranties By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, the traveler warrants that the traveler:
  • Has all the power, capabilities, and requirements to enter into this agreement based on the Terms & Conditions outlined in this page/ document
  • Will adhere to the guidelines and abide by the local and international laws, and regulations to ensure compliance with law of the land and custom
  • Has provided authentic and up-to-the-minute information while making the Traveler Trip arrangement with Xpert Flights. The travelers vest their interests in Xpert Flights and allow us to investigate, if necessary, any information about the traveler to check their eligibility, for which Xpert Flights hold sole discretion.
  • Medical and Physical Conditions; Medical Emergencies
Travel and travel-related services offered at the Xpert Flights website may demand mild to rigorous workouts and the traveler must be physically fit to perform these activities. We also have sports activities and water activities listed in our Trips which may demand advanced skills including the ability to swim, optimal hand-eye coordination, balance, and the ability to adapt and understand the surroundings. These activities include but aren’t limited to jet skiing, snorkeling, surfing, etc. The travelers are obligated to confirm their health and physical condition along with a responsibility to avoid consuming alcohol or any other drugs that would impair their ability (both mental and physical) to perform these activities.
By acknowledging these Terms & Conditions, the Traveler also takes the responsibility to manage and maintain the health, medication, allergic conditions, and/ or physical and mental well-being. In case of any injury to the traveler or any aggravation to the traveler’s medical/health condition, Xpert Flights shall not be held responsible. For any reason, if the traveler has to consult with a physician or take any other medical service, he/she cannot rely on Xpert Flights to do so, and neither does Xpert Flights takes the responsibility to make the required arrangements.
The quality of services offered by the medical practitioner and facilities available at a medical facility is distinct to different regions and aren’t under the control of Xpert Flights. You may not get hospital facilities at your disposal and evacuation may take longer time along with extra expenses. You may or may not encounter substandard medical care in certain countries or cities which is unavoidable and totally out of our control. It is not Xpert Flights’ responsibility to cover the costs of any medical treatment you might require during your trip, and it is not responsible for the quality or lack thereof of any medical care you may receive.
THE TRAVELER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY/ ALL RISK AND/ OR COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH ANY/ ALL MEDICAL TREATMENTS THAT THE TRAVELER AVAIL/ REQUIRE/ OR RECEIVE DURING THE TRIP. Hereby, the traveler acknowledges that Xpert Flights has no obligation related to medical care required or availed during the trip.
Disputes: Governing Law, Jurisdiction, etc.
Xpert Flight’s Terms & Conditions and the relationship between the Traveler & Xpert Flights are governed by the laws of the State of California without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
Traveler & Xpert Flights both agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in Santa Clara County, California about any legal proceedings that may arise in connection with, or relate to, a Trip, these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, Xpert Flight’s website or any other content and/or media related to Xpert Flights or Trips that we offer. Xpert Flights and the Traveler agree to submit irrevocably to the pertaining court any action, suit, or proceeding and also offer its acknowledgment to not assert, by any way, defensively or otherwise, in any action, suit, or proceeding and claim that includes (i) the Traveler is not subject to the jurisdiction of such court, (ii) the venue is inappropriate, (iii) this agreement or the subject matter hereof may not be enforced in or by such court.
Attorney’s Fees, Costs, and Expenses of Suit
If a legal action (the act of law or equity, declaratory relief, or any arbitration) is taken to enforce, interpret or construe the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, a Trip, our Privacy Policy, Xpert Flight’s website, or any literature or materials concerning Xpert Flight’s, then the prevailing party can claim reimbursement for their actual reasonable attorney’s fees, costs and expenses.
Traveler must refrain from assigning his/her/its rights and/or obligations to another party without the prior consent of Xpert Flights.
Severability and Survivability
For any reason, if a part, segment, or portion of this Terms & Conditions documents is found to be unethical, unlawful, or void, then that particular part, segment, or portion will be considered null & void whereas all the other parts/ segments/ portions of the Terms & Conditions remain enforceable as it is. Xpert Flights and Traveler jointly consent to work on the replacement of the severed part/ segment/ portion and replace it with a suitable and most closely related part/ segment/ portion that carries out the same level/ extent of financial effects.
Not adhering to any other provisions mentioned in these Terms & Conditions, or any general legal regulation to contrast, any portion/ part of these Terms & Conditions that identifies the adherence or obligation to adhere to this policy on a party will survive the expiration or termination of these Terms and Conditions.
Entire Agreement, Waiver, Etc.
The Terms & Conditions cover all aspects of communication between Xpert Flights and the Traveler. It is hereby made official that this covers the complete understanding and agreement of the parties related to the subject matter covered by them, and surpasses all types of previous and coexistent understandings and agreements, in written or oral, about the said subject matter. Any proposal, purchase order, acknowledgment, or other document will not affect the terms of this agreement. Neither party's delay or failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision hereof will be construed as a waiver of that party's right thereafter to exercise or enforce that right or provision. There is no continuing or subsequent waiver based on a single waiver. There is no guarantee that Xpert Flights will take action against every breach of these Terms and Conditions. The waiver, modification n, on, or amendment of any provision of this agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

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